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    web•bed pause (wbd pz) (des.) : a team of professionals with over 25 years of combined experience on the Internet in web production, design, community and site implementation and management.

    Our team combines over 25 years of experience in the technological industry of this realm commonly referred to as the "World Wide Web", "Internet" and "Web". 

    Members of our team have watched the progression and advancement of this industry since it's public inception - working within different interactive environments that pre-dated it. We've seen what works - and what doesn't.

    The "WWW" was first introduced in 1991 with merely file transfer protocol (FTP) capability. In October of 1993, there were 200 known http addresses - within a year there were literally thousands. Today ... there are millions.

    The very first web site in history was nxoc01.cern.ch. It is not in existence today. While millions of sites exist on the web, they don't all survive. Even more go unnoticed as they don't carry "presence".  

    We aim to build sites that stop them in their tracks and while standing the test of time through classic design. Appealing presentations making use of technological advancement applied around the industry "standard". The reason: the more you can get using your web site - the more it will be used and the further your message is delivered. 

    After all ... that is the whole idea!

    We have worked, individually and as a team, for many start ups and successful Internet projects; from America Online (before the birth of the "Internet"); many Viacom products, including MTV and Nickelodeon. Our  experiences continued to connect through a variety of portals and properties such as Lycos and it's family of many additional properties: Communities, TalkRadio, Matchmaker, Gamesville, and several other special projects inside their realm.

    Members of our team have managed and produced areas and teams on both AOL and the web, from the bottom up. Successful planning, designing and implementations are a standard with Webbed Pause.

    Every web site is part of the vastness of the Internet while being a partner of more focused groups.  Every single web page in existence is part of a community. It's from this perspective that we design and produce for you.

    The devotion to our clients is unmatched anywhere in the industry. We work fast, efficiently and effectively  - for you. Let us handle the aspects of your web site and allow yourself to continue focusing on building and supporting your business.  

    Our job is to make you look good and help you succeed on the Internet.

    Sometimes there is no gray area - it's simply black and white.

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