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    web•bed pause (wbd pôz) (folio) 1: a view of some project recently constructed or currently under construction offered to expose clients and potential clients to a few possibilities with webbed pauses. 

    Mouse over any site's image to pause. Click any image to visit the site.
    Below the images, we'll take you through a brief synopsis of some sites.

    Sites Launched/Live

    HR Gator Points Texas Gentleman
    A good example of a Level Two site with the additional Special Elements of custom art design, static photo gallery and content creation.
    Site's owners wished to have a presence on the web for their retriever, Tex, that could grow with him. As this dog advances in the field, his web site can reflect those changes and build in any additional considerations "down the road".

    D-2 Kennels
    A good example of a Level Three site with the additional Special Elements of a Flash intro, content creation and image digitalization for embroidered logo wear. The site also offers custom art and logo design, two dynamic photo galleries, photo preparation and retouch and validated form design. These were not considered Special Elements as they are built in our Level 3 package. This is a great way for owners to reduce costs in initial site building.
    D-2 Kennels wished a web presence for their first quality training services, to showcase their dogs and students, and occasional litters. This site was built with future growth in mind - to ease expense as their needs in the site expand.

    D-2 Logo
    Fig. 1: D-2 Kennels Logo Design Digitalization

    Gypsy Oak Retrievers
    Level Two site in design to showcase owner's retrievers and introduce of stud services and litters. Gypsy Oak Retrievers will be a premium illustration of versatility in an affordable option offered for stud services and breeding interests.

    GRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun Roux
    A prime example of a Level Four site and the ultimate showcasing of an amazingly accomplished hunting retriever. Currently 12 pages and building in size fast, this site contains extensive custom art work, logo design, javascript, static photo galleries, photo processing/retouching and a high level of maintenance in content and photos. An additional service offered with site includes producing outside of the web site. This includes front line contact with third parties and media services/publishers and marketing formulation proposals.
    GRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun Roux is one of the "hottest" chocolate labrador retrievers to ever find the sport. The owners' needs in a site were vast and varied to represent the vast array of accomplishments already attained by Roux and to offer sponsors a gratuitous link back in exchange for their offerings. This site was designed to grow with need - reducing future costs to client. 

    Autrey Kennels
    Brought to us for redesign, Autrey Kennel's interests lie in presentation of  training considerations, showcasing highly achieved students standing proudly at stud, and an offering of announcements for pending litters of their retrievers. This Level Four site is a very powerful example of custom art work integrated with rich content built for expansion and constant content refreshment.
    The necessity of timely updates is vital to a site such as Autrey Kennels. Individual retriever progression and accomplishment, litter announcements, and updated photos are all serious considerations for the vitality of any dog related site.
    Maintenance agreements are offered on an annual basis to reduce costs and concern in having to measure "what's important" in updating a web site when it all is.
    Webbed Pause will produce this site: handling front, direct line contact on behalf of Autrey Kennels with litter owners, media and marketing considerations, etc. This reduces the burden of having a web site while securing confidence that it's working for you when you don't have time to stop and manage it constantly. A feature of our higher level sites and maintenance agreements that does not involve additional costs - features sites such as Autrey Kennels can really use.
    Mr. Autrey will not have step out of the the field to benefit as a web site owner nor will he have to be concerned that his site is professionally reflective of the his dogs' up-to-date awards, accomplishments, litters and stud services.

    static Autrey Kennels Banner
    Fig. 3: A static banner for Autrey Kennels.
    Not actual banner size: reduced for display parameters.


    Cowtown Hunting Retriever Club
    A good example of a Level Four site with custom artwork. Cowtown Hunting Retriever Club is a progressive HRC affiliated club that wished to be well represent on the web while keeping the interested public informed and up to date about the club and events. Webbed Pause will handle some additional elements to the site and other production issues in the near future.

    Giesler Retrievers
    Level Two site in design to showcase owner's retrievers and introduce of stud services and litters. Giesler Retrievers will be a premium illustration of versatility in an affordable option offered for stud services and breeding interests.

    Giesler Retrievers
    Fig. 4: Giesler Retrievers Logo Design

    Flare Ignitors & Rentals, Inc.
    As a National and International industry leader, Flare Ignitors & Rentals, Inc. wished for a fresh new look to expand from their current site. This Level Three site suited their needs for growth and future consideration. Plans include the addition of photos and details from specific jobs, promotional service announcement structured information for peers within their industry, and a downloadable brochure typed from content offered on their web site to be shared with entities offline. Plans for the future of the site give you a good idea of additional information web site owner's might offer their audience.

    NE Texas Hunting Retriever Club
    A good example of a Level Two site designed for a sanctioned Hunting Retriever Club. This site is "simple" but offers appealing custom art and explores the club's foundation for members and guests alike. 

    Texas Panhandle HRC
    A dual hunting retriever interest club with affiliation with the Hunting Retriever Club and National Field Retrievers Association who's interested in having a better presence on the web as they grow with members and as a club.  

    HRCH UH Bo's Gator Point Cajun Roux SH
    A Level Two site that will contain logo design and other extensive custom art designed for a young hunting retriever setting records in talent and heritage. We will offer a link to the construction area once it begins. At the moment, a temporary construction page is in place.

    Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.
    Webbed Pause will soon begin assisting with redesign of the Hunting Retriever Club's front end. They are looking to formulate a design that incorporates their massive amount of information into an organized, smooth flow that eases finding information from the user perspective.  

    Sites In Design

    Patton Retrievers
    A new site design pending for showcasing their retrievers, announce pending and expected litters and showcase their champion lines and process of their dogs. We will offer a link to the test area once construction begins. At the moment, a temporary construction page is in place. 

    Gardens by Elizabeth
    A good example of a Level Two site just beginning design.
    Currently in place is a temporary construction page, an appealing way for the new domain to journey into search engines during design phase. A site for a successful lawn and garden service concentrated in the McKenzie River Valley of Oregon.

    Other new sites heading your way soon: Barren River Retrievers, Champion Retrievers, GRHRCH UH Dakota's Big Mamou SHSmoken Dakota Retrievers, Mitchell Labs, Boeuf River Retrievers, Shotgun Retrievers, Mossy Oak Retrievers ... and many more!


    Sometimes there is no gray area - it's simply black and white.

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