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    web•bed pause (wbd pz) (goal) 1: to construct appealing arenas on the web that attract and keep visitors' interests based on content, user friendly navigation and alluring design added to the owner's vision. 2: to make a top quality web site affordable to clients without cutting corners. 

    Everyone has their own reasons for a web site. We recognize that diversity and want to make a web site a viable and affordable expedition. Our Level Plans are designed to give interested parties "an idea" of the costs involved for Webbed Pause services. We want to work with you to to find the most cost effective route for your venture and feel we can do so working with and between the Level Plans we offer.

    We also can make special payment arrangements to assist our clients in keeping their venture convenient and opportunistic. 

    We offer remarkable discounts to non-profit and not-for-profit clubs and organizations.

    Webbed Pause supports small businesses and start-ups: we are one ourselves. We work to stay in your budget - without cutting the edge of your market appeal.

    An outline of phases to expect as conceptualizing a site on the Web:

    Development of Ideas
    We lend our experience from the beginning. It's our role in relationships with our clients to work from their standpoint and perspective. 

    If all you know is that you want a web site, we'll start from there. Whether it's a fresh, new idea together in a browser or redesigning one already in existence, Webbed Pause is there from the start through completion - and well beyond.

    Development of a Plan
    Planning and projecting a web project design is of utmost importance. Before we ever think "design", we'll do a competitive study of sites within your areas of interest. Marketing consideration is made before design that will continue from that moment.

    Begin gathering  your ideas and the information that will become a vital part of constructing of your domain. What are you presenting? What sets you apart?

    Development of Site
    Based on your visions and goals, we begin putting together the pieces that will become the whole. During the construction phase, you'll be able to access the "mock up" build at anytime and watch as it progresses and interact with your designer. Upon completion and your approval, the site is ready to be publicly launched.

    Maintenance of Site
    Maintenance plans are built in with the packages we offer. Assurance is offered that updates are done within 48 hours from receipt of request. 

    If you wish to extend your maintenance plan at expiration of the package, you may do so with a contract or hourly based. At the conclusion of the plan, we will work with you to find which would be the most cost effective option.

    Miscellaneous Services
    Webbed Pause also is glad to assist with logo and custom art creation; banner ad creation; domain name acquisition; hosting services; shopping carts; image retouching; arrangement, hosting and transcription of remote special events, such as interviews and meetings; community and interactive design and management; and, preparation of logo images for embroidery services, to name a few.

    We offer many other services to assist our clients, as needed. 

    Rates and Costs
    Our plans are listed below. Not every web site will fall or fit in the specifics of a plan. Our team works to find the most economical solution we can while assuring your presentation remains appealing and functional. Special elements, including hosting, may be added at additional cost. 

    Level One: $150/page
    This plan offers your the flexibility of controlling cost based on size using your provided logo and prepared art work, including photos. Additional pages may be added at any time at the cost of $150/page. 
    90 days maintenance included.

    Level Two: $700
    Up to 6 page design using your provided logo and other prepared artwork. Perfect plan for photos with a photo gallery offered at no additional charge. Special Elements may be added, at an additional cost, to give the page a true custom feel. Additional pages may be added at any time at the cost of $100/page.
    Twelve months of 2 hour per month maintenance included. 

    Level Three: $1600
    Up to 12 page design using your provided logo or one created by us for you at no additional charge. This is the perfect plan for a small business getting started on the web. Custom artwork can be created for use on the site. Photos can be prepared for production and a dynamic photo gallery offered at no additional charge. Simple JavaScript applications are included at no additional charge.  Additional pages may be added at any time at the cost of $100/page. 
    Twelve months of 4 hour per month maintenance included.   

    Level Four: Varies
    This includes all from redesign of a site to the all "inclusive" web design. We will create as many and maintain as many pages with all the bells and whistles you might want for the ultimate showcasing of your project on the web. Twelve month pre-determined maintenance included.  

    This level site is usually the "best option" and most economical for clients. We build just what you want and need. A "Level Four" doesn't mean the most costly - it means the most for you and your dollar after thorough examination.

    Domain name acquisition
    Webbed Pause will handle the acquisition and purchased of your domain name for "real costs". The costs for one year is around $15.00. This annual expense can be reduced by the amount of years purchased.

    Hosting Service
    We provide hosting services at the rate of $50. per year or will be happy to work with the hosting service of your choice.


    Special Element Costs*
    Custom Logo/Art Creation: $40/hr.
    Text Content Creation: $25/hr.
    JavaScript Programming: $40/hr.
    Photo Gallery Creation: $20/hr.
    Flash Design: $40/hr.
    Domain Acquisition: $15/yr.
    Site Hosting: $50/yr.
    Banner Ad Creation: $50 per banner 
    Photos Scanning or Retouching: $5.00 per photo
    Image Digitalization: $35 per file
    Guestbook**: $30/hr. set up
    Forum/Message Boards**: $30/hr. set up
    Event hosting/transcription: $40.00/hr.
    Annual contract: Plan based
    Hourly contract: $25/hr.

    *Hours are
    charged to client in "real time" increments and there is no minimum hourly charges.
    **Guestbook and Forums/Message Boards will add necessary number of pages for entry/viewing, etc. to site page count.

    General payment guidelines for plans are 1/2 due pre-production and the balance due post-production. 

    Arrangements can be made to extend the payment schedule  with a pre-approved agreement between client and Webbed Pause. 

    Webbed Pause retains all rights of removal of a web site for failure to pay services rendered.

    Sometimes there is no gray area - it's simply black and white.

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